Meet The Team

Roxine Brown

Roxine grew up in Northern California where she studied and spent most of her free time with her mother and grandmother working together in their gardens. Pursuing her career in fashion she moved to NY in 1985, living in NYC and spending weekends in the Hamptons. In 2003 she made a decision to follow her dreams, moving full time to her home in East Hampton with her husband Charles and launching Harmonia Inc. Living in an environment filled with beautiful nature and working everyday creating harmonious surroundings for clients is what inspires her. 

Founder/Creative Director

Charles Fischler

Charles Fischler is CFO and Marketing Director of Harmonia inc.  He was raised on surburban Long Island.  He graduated from Buffalo State College with a BS in Jewelry Design.  During his first carreer as a jewelry designer and diamond trader in NYC, he met his wife the founder and Creative Director of Harmonia, Roxine.  He followed her to the Hampton's to support her passion of creative landscape design.  In their free time they travel the world and continue to be inspired by nature's diverse beauty. 

Vice President/CFO