Harmonia Inc. was founded out of a profound appreciation for creating landscapes and gardens that coexist, in perfect harmony, with the natural surroundings that grace each property.

Designing landscapes is a collaborative process that begins as a blank canvas and evolves into a plan that transforms the total environment. It blends the wondrous colors and textures from live plants and trees with other architectural forms to fit with a property's indigenous character.

Garden & Landscape Design

Landscapes & gardens are as individual as each of us. They are personal and beautiful expressions of who we are. Whether a simple field of flowers that extends for as far as the eye can see or the architectural elements we include to create elaborate outdoor living rooms.

Harmonia Landscape Design Services
Harmonia Landscape Design Services


  • Site Consultation 
  • Landscape Design & Planning
  • Full Service Property Maintenance
  • Planting Layouts
  • Masonry Construction
  • Specimen Trees & Screening
  • Pools & Ponds
  • Outdoor Lighting


Harmonia is a full-service landscape design, installation and property maintenance company specializing in creating distinctive landscapes and gardens of any scale - completely and thoughtfully in harmony with nature. 

Harmonia Landscape Design Services