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This 10-year project in the Hamptons is really the love story of a creative landscape company and a passionate client. "Working with Roxine and her team is effortless".

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Nature + Gardening Talk with Expert Roxine Brown

Landscape designer of the Hamptons, Roxine Brown, teaches us how to get one's garden ready for winter, protecting plants, mulch, fertilizer, plants with fall interest, which branches to gather on hikes, timing and cycle of ticks, how to creat meditation spaces outdoors, and which bulbs to plant this fall for spring bloom. "When the wind blows, the energy flows."

Harmonia Inc.’s Roxine Brown Offers Her Keen Fashion Sense To East End Landscapes.

"Being fortunate enough to live in the Hamptons, we are always surrounded by the beauty and creativity of nature," says Roxine Brown, founder and creative director of Harmonia Inc. Brown spent 30 years in the fashion industry before breaking into landscape design and still draws from the world of fashion. Under Brown's creative arm, similar to layering clothing, Harmonia Inc. often layers the elements of its landscape and garden designs. Her deeprooted understanding of color and texture now lends itself to the vibrant hues and intricate foliage that defines Harmonia's landscapes.

Hamptons Magazine Nature Calls

Digging deep: for landscape genius Roxine Brown, gardens are about more than pretty flowers.

Long before the Japanese practice of “forest bathing” started trending on Twitter, Roxine Brown was discovering the restorative benefits of taking a walk in the woods. “It was always my place to go when I needed to think things through,” says Brown of her days as a child spent hiking the nature trails of San Francisco’s East Bay.

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Beautifying Your Landscape From Roxine Brown, Founder/Creative Director Of Harmonia Inc., Of Bridgehampton

During my first visit to a property, I take inventory of existing, healthy plants—from the smallest perennials to mature trees—that can be reused in the future design. Many properties have bits and pieces of plant material, but I prefer larger “drifts,” which really make an impact. Plants and trees are carefully dug up, burlapped and sheltered. Then, as I redesign the gardens, I place these existing plants into the layout.

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For Roxine Brown Of Bridgehampton-Based Harmonia, Garden Design Comes Naturally

I grew up in the Bay Area of California, which has such a wonderful climate for gardening, and as a child I made my allow- ance pulling weeds. I got paid by the bucket. My grandmother had beautiful roses and a phenomenal veggie garden, and at my mother’s house, we had a landscape of ivy, geraniums, and bonsai. So between the two I had a very rich horticultural upbringing.

Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Harmonia’s Convergence

Harmonia’s landscape designer Roxine Brown brings inspiring natural splendor to the Hamptons.

Whether it's a stonework garden path lined with lilies, black-eyed Susans and tall indig- enous grasses or a poolside landscape of blossoming rhododendron, hydrangeas and lush green- ery, Roxine Brown's Bridgehampton-based Harmonia has been inspiring Hamptonites with creative land- scapes for nearly a decade. Her secret? "Interesting textural combinations, beautiful color and comple- menting properties are key," she says, "but the real secret is for a landscape to always look and be natural."

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Harmonia Inc.’s Roxine Brown Translates Naturally Made Landscapes Into Unique Hamptons Gardens

Before the development boom that started in the 1980s, much of our beloved Hamptons were comprised of wild, open spaces. And while the local landscape has changed, there's an increasing desire to preserve the green spaces that do remain. Thankfully, Harmonia Inc.'s founder and creative director, Roxine Brown, is on the job. "I love seeing what's developed naturally, going to the beach, looking at the dunes, hiking through the woods, and seeing how nature has grouped things together," says Brown.

Hamptons Magazine Mother Nature

We Asked Roxine Brown, founder of Harmonia Inc. to explain the best ways to keep your gardens alive and well.

Protecting our lovely trees and gardens during the brutal winter months is just as important as primping and pruning them in summertime.  

  • Wrap to Protect 
  • Fence to keep deer from browsing & rutting
  • Don't salt your plant material
  • Prune in time
  • Remember to compost and mulch

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Fred and Betty Jeanne
June 2023
Working with the Harmonia team has been a pleasure from start to finish. They created a landscape that was more beautiful and private than anything we could have imagined. After 40 years of working with contractors in the Hamptons, we found it unique to work with people who were so honest, respectful of our budget, and meticulous in their attention to detail. The team expertly managed every aspect of the work, and oversaw each planting as if it were his own. Roxine is a true artist who envisioned not only the landscape today, but also its health and viability in the future. An unexpected bonus was our realtor assessing our property as having increased in value by the amount we invested in the project.
Paul Michaud
June 2019
Harmonia is amazing! We've worked with a few different landscapers, but Roxine best understood our aesthetic. Her organic style is what drew us to her most. She took the time to understand our ideas and created a perfect vision and plan to execute. She transformed our scraggly woods into an inviting and natural outdoor 'room'. There's nothing I love better than to take a walk through our beautiful gardens to relax and detox from our busy work and city life. All of our family and guests who visit us especially remark at our incredible scenery.
We've worked with Roxine and her team over a few years - first to transform our backyard and pool, and more recently as we remodeled our house. Their design expertise and excellent service remain consistent - even when we had some crazy timelines and some budget constraints. Mike does a fantastic job executing the plans - with care as well as expediency, even when made a few changes.
The brand name says it all - they truly created a harmonious, natural space for us to enjoy. I would highly recommend Harmonia to anyone considering a landscape project.
Barrie Glabman
July 2017
I cannot say enough good things about Harmonia + Roxine. Her plantings are amazing, her stone work amazing. I am a professional Interior Designer. I use Harmonia for my homes as well as those of my clients. We can all not be more pleased.
Jay Decker
May 2016
Roxine and her entire crew are the ultimate courteous professionals . Her design transformed my backyard into a beautiful and charming relaxing area.
Mary J. Henry
May 2013
I can't speak highly enough of Roxine Brown and her staff at Harmonia Inc. I hired Roxine 5+ years ago to update the landscape design at my home, and we have worked together regularly ever since. In addition to having a great sense for exquisite design, Roxine has always listened to my ideas and concerns about the property and developed designs and solutions that are both beautiful and practical, whether it is enhancing the view or designing a pet fence. When I first met Roxine, I was quickly drawn to her friendly and relaxed style. Her staff and crew are the same--always willing to do whatever is needed to keep me satisfied and make my property the lovely landscape it is today.
May 2019
A great landscape designer and skilled professional who follows through on all details! The small property located directly on Peconic Bay was a blank slate for the Harmonia team. The results met and exceeded our expectations!

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